Beginners: Tap to setup a Bitski wallet 👇🏿

Step 1


A wallet will allow you to store the NFTs you collect from Connect the Coast.

Different NFTs have different benefits and may require different wallets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never share your seed phrase, and protect your keys at all cost. We recommend signing up for Bitski wallet for the safest experience.

Bitski NFTs will give holders early access to Connect the Coast merch and other gated content.

NEAR NFTs will allow holders to have a say in the content we create and events we produce. You can even earn $ for sharing our content.
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Intermediate: Tap to setup a Metamask wallet 👇🏿

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Experts: Tap to setup a NEAR wallet 👇🏿

Step 2


Use your new wallet to explore the metaverse and collect Connect the Coast NFTs

3 ETH on Zora

.007 ETH on Rarible

$20 on Bitski

60 NEAR on Mintbase

"...NFT merch, crypto on my t-shirts..."

Step 3


Use your new NFTs to gain access to gated content
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Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 11.39.13 PM.png