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A bi-yearly, hip-hop, educational, creative process for lower-income creators based on the central coast of California. Participants will have to sign up for a NEAR wallet, and will spend a portion of their experience learning about the NEAR ecosystem and how it will be implemented in our guilds marketing strategies. Providing a safe and positive environment where highly talented, less fortunate artists can pursue their craft with the knowledge that they will be compensated for their time, retain ownership of their IP, and that their final product will be marketed to a network of appreciative listeners. It is our hope that the experiences we provide will inspire new and innovative use cases for NEAR DAPPs.

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Treasurer: ConnecttheCoast.Near




Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


* NEAR on boarding and education

* Record on location (book lodging)

* Document studio session

* Hire NFT artist

* Vote on which featured artists to work with

* Vote on music video director

* Vote on which songs will be submitted to the DAO

* Mix and master approved songs

* Create and vote on artwork

* Finalize features

* Edit month 1 re-cap video

* Set up music distribution

* Hire music video director

* Review marketing strategy

* Shoot and edit approved music video(s)

* Vote on external marketing team(DJ Pools, website placements, PR etc.)

* Create all additional necessary assets for external marketing team (I.E. Flyers, trailers, banners, EPKs, etc.)

* Drop pre-sale NFTs

* Vote on Month 6 release event and location

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