Our new athletic collection is handmade, each piece is a custom design and will include the name of your choice on the back of the Jersey included w/ the 805 number.  You have a choice between sublimated printing or high quality handstitched patchwork.  Handstitched items cost $50 more per unit and take more time to assemble, which can add to delivery times.  We TRULY appreciate your patience.

Fuck 12 Neon HockeyJersey

  • Each of our custom Neon Hockey Jersey's are handmade, because product quality and customer safety are our top priorities, delivery time can take longer than normal due to covide restrictions.  Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery of sublimated products and up to 7 weeks for hand stitched jerseys.  Customers who make purchased via Paypal recieve products up to a week earlier on average!