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Temperature Check: Central Coast G.I.A

Friday August 16th we went out in SLO, the hometown of newcomer femcee Central Coast G.I.A to get to know her a little bit. Check out our interview below!

Where are you from?

I'm am born and raised here on the 805 in San Luis Obispo!

What does G.I.A stand for?

My name G.I.A stand for Grace Is Amazing which is true because time and time again I amaze myself and others!

Do you like how females emcees are represented on the coast? If not what do you think is missing?

Now yes I do like how they are representated here on the coast ! There weren't any female emcees repping on the coast...if there were there werent doing it right (🤷🏾‍♀️)

Any favorite female emcees from the coast? If not who are your musical influences?

Sadly of None of my favorite female emcees are from the coast. But some of my inspiration are Saweetie cause I've always loved the bay area and the way there vibe and sound is so a strong female coming from there is amazing to watch. Megan the Stallion is another one that I love because raw n hard she is but yet still keeps it so Sexy and dirty but playful. Rico Nasty also another one I look up to because she is out there doesn't give a fuck and she like the others are gunna tell you like it is! Trina and Missy are two that I love from back in the day and still to this day.

Do you care about being in the top 5?

Being on the Top 5 would definitely be an honor to be on But im focused

On Grinding and giving my best and with that I feel like I will easily take a thrown on top 5.

When can we expect music from you?

My first official single Pussy Pop drops on 8.23.19 at GraceIsAmazing.com and on Tik Tok, but my website is really the my headquarters I give fans early access to my music and it's how I interact with all of my fans, they can support me the most by listeninf and downloading music there, so please go check it out! My second single "Amazing Grace" will be dropping soon, but PLEASE request both of them in the bars downtown and on the local radio stations!!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me online at GraceIsAmazing.com when you can see updates on what is new what's going on and steam all my music first!